Knight Rider…Glamour Tram

The second half of the guided tour can take up to two hours depending how busy we get. “There are occasional malfunctions,” our instructor Dennis tells me. “And encountering a film shoot in progress can slow us to a crawl.”

We simulate our tour guests boarding the tram and practice shutting the safety gates that keep them inside. “Watch your arms and legs please,” I say to my mannequin friends. I also remember to pull up the wheel chocks, avoiding a common mistake among rookie drivers.

With my guests seated upright per Dennis’ instructions, this Glamour Tram is ready for the long-haul of the backlot tour.

Tour guides use call sheets that are provided daily by the Operations Department. These furnish the guides with the latest material for them to pass on to studio visitors, and also include any variations on our regular route.

I’m an expert at reading call sheets, so when Dennis has us look them over,  I immediately notice that Knight Rider is filming today! What a perk these are–especially since I can use them to plan extracurricular backlot excursions on my own time. You have given this info to the wrong guy!

After my first turn, the tour takes us through the studio’s property warehouse and a narrow isle that barely accommodates the tram. Everything you can imagine is in here, props stacked on props stacked on props. To the left is a Ming Dynasty statue. To the right a Renaissance painting. But don’t touch!

Night Gallery, Rod Serling’s hit TV show, has many unusual paintings for us to see.



Vintage signs in various languages also decorate sections of the massive storage area. Steering the tram out of here is tricky though because of a tight squeeze between the large sliding doors. Dennis has us practice this exit over and over.

We now continue down a main road shared by the entire studio. When the tour is busy, you can expect grid lock in this area, and there’s not much of interest for the guide to talk about. On one side is a garage for transportation repairs, on the other is office space. It can turn into the 405 freeway on any Friday evening, with vehicles barely making progress. I get paid 20 bucks and hour so I’m in no hurry!

Today the main road is unusually traffic-free, and we easily move on to our next destination: the iconic World Wide New York street. It’s long and extremely picturesque, but today it’s empty, as if a pandemic has hit.

The quiet is broken, however, by the arrival of Trans Am at the far end of the street, and it’s headed our way at a good clip. “Here comes the Kitt car,” Dennis says. “Hasselhoff loves to interact with trams and their guests.”

“Wow… but my guests are fake!” I think out loud.

The Kitt car  pulls alongside of the tram, and David is checking out my collection of stiffs. Perhaps he recognizes one or two he’s worked with in the past. Eventually we make eye contact, and he flashes his large white tooth smile.


Then, as quickly as he arrived, Hasselhof punches it, and the Kitt car disappears around a corner. “You can expect that a lot of that” Dennis tells me.

Of course I’m looking forward to that. I bet he’s even more social with a tram full of real people!

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Down the Hill We Go…Glamour Tram

Next on our tour, we head down a an incline that leads us from the tour guest money grab area to a functioning movie studio …below. On the way down we slowly pass our next animation.To activate these animations, we must use a special device, a genie!

Not a genie that comes out of a lamp and grants wishes, but more like what opens your garage door. State of the art…this tool is as important to a driver as a microphone is to a tour guide. These are the two must have items for tour to even make partial sense.

Right before we cruise directly in front of this mansion, I must light in on fire!

This is easily done by correctly pushing the open button on my garage door genie. A second button, there are two on this device, turns off the animation and probably will close your garage door… if you live close by.

These animations turn off automatically anyways!


A picture tells a thousand words…exciting!

This brings us to the studio fire department…it’s the real deal. Two fire engines sit proudly polished and ready to go just inside the departments large wood doors. More proudly sit the macho firemen, who Dennis tells me, love to flirt with our female guests when tram back up’s occur in this area of the World Wide lot.

This fire department ironically sits…one – hundred yards down from this constantly burning building.


Fire Men lift weights and flex as we peer in…

fireman beefcake pics - Google Search

fireman beefcake pics - Google Search

My guests have seen this act before. This fire department doubles for the TV show Emergency. The equipment has Company 51 proudly attached. When used in filming… actors who couldn’t put out a camp fire replace the men who can. It’s a union thing around here, some of my guests have worked on this show…

Specialized Exhibition Security, Protection, Salvation. Mannequin Of Fireman Editorial Photo - Image of expo, firemen 150044051


As we continue forward…off to the left of the Glamour Tram, Alfred Hitchcocks office sits silently…abandoned.

Next, we practice dropping off tourists and plucking a different group to load up. We exchange guests… we pick up all the one’s who just experienced the charm and wit of America’s most handsome individual…Mr Robert Wagner.

His life size wax doll duplicate and video tape make this visit seem all so real…

ff8d183b5c92d7aad981d51b419607a7.jpg 331×400 pixels

Drivers have four lanes to park and can pick any, to load and unload passengers. This process takes time… so trams can back up waiting… depending on how fast they are dispatched.

Often, trams sit just in front of Engine 51 headqaurters, blocking their emergency exit… as the vultures inside keep working out, …. keep on flexing boys!

Drivers practice safe use of wheel chocking in this area.That requires placing large rubber blocks in front of our front tires, so we have a reduntancie of safety in place. We aslo have our air brakes applied. This way we can assist loading guests aboard. It is here we find out which guide we will have for the rest of the backlot tour.

We our told by Dennis that often drivers make mistakes here… after loading the guests aboard the tram, often drivers fail to pick up the wheel chocks that they just put down. This can pop a tire if the tram operator continues to apply the throttle.

That is an embarrassing way to start the second half of any tour…we are lectured and… reminded. It is usually new hires that make this mistake…Beware!

Cross your fingers on what group and guide head towards your tram. This next part of the tour is the long haul part of the tour…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…page 5

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Behind the wheel…Glamour Tram

Animations are just part of this Glamour Tram experience… but, a big part!

They look challenging–we can talk about them all day–but it’s time for my class to experience this magic and mayhem!

We’ll practice with a fully loaded tram…of mannequins! Each anatomically correct, some dressed, some not. A few of the male ones are a bit battle-worn. They stare at each driver candidate in our mirrors as we see them over are shoulder. Often, the Special Effects Dept. uses these same props in battle scenes involving pyro.

Sand bags also are loaded inside the tram to establish the weight needed for proper tram handling. Dennis wants each driver to position each “passenger” in an upright position before releasing the air brakes and wheel chocks.


Dennis believes that having our smiling fake audience still upright at the end of a practice tour proves we know what’s expected of us. In other words, if all your passengers are crooked or lying on the floor as you pop open the safety gates at the end of the tour, you may need to practice more!

Below… my guests…from all walks of life.

mannequin photos from hollywood - Google Search IMG_7079IMG_7080



Tour Guide mannequin…above…Remember, you want her sitting up at the end of the tour, not laying down…as per our training instructions…

I want to be the first in my class to drive this contraption, and I raise my hand excitedly! My tram group includes Ted, the model, Big John, the low-rider, and Dick, a Vietnam vet. Dennis will instruct us while Cliff teaches the others, smoking the whole time I’m sure.

I’m first out on the Tram route this morning. Dennis will tell us where to drive. I know this place like the back of my hand, but everyone else must learn how to get around the enormous back lot.

We start before the actual tour opens so we can focus on the animations before tourists arrive.

We begin exiting the Tram garage, which is in the shadow of World Wide’s music theater. It’s a superb venue where top music acts perform regularly.

A strategically placed traffic signal hidden in some bushes flashes a green-light telling me to proceed. The Glamour Tram slowly turns towards a Space Ship just off the main road.


It is the “Galactic Encounter” animation. The Glamour Tram is the only motorized vehicle that moves independent of a track. Everything else is controlled under the guidance of the parks animation department.

The giant space ship door seals us inside and a Galactic encounter plays out before our eyes. Once inside this spaceship, the driver then can become a tourist for the duration of this show.  Evil Cylons vs. the guests on the Glamour Tram! My guests fail to react, naturally, since they’re all stuffed, but this scene erupts violently into a laser battle unlike any on earth. Our only escape is for the tram operator to hastily steer this craft.


Everyone cheers as the Glamour Tram lives to fight another day. We are rolling now, I have my first animation under my belt as all my passengers look on.

Down the hill we go…stay tuned!

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Glamour Tram…Orientation

Training begins with empty trams and veteran drivers. They walk us around explaining how each car handles and what to look out for on the tram route and at dispatch.

Dennis is the head trainer, and we quickly learn he’s no fan of Iris. “Iris is a stooge for management–he can’t even drive a truck! His job is to fire drivers who cause trouble.” Dennis is also the shop steward for the trams and represents the drivers in contractual disagreements and grievance procedures.

“The tram is powered by a gas engine located in the power unit at the front of every tram,” Dennis explains between drags of his cigarette. “Always use your mirrors, and remember Glamour trams always have the right away. Don’t make a mistake or Iris will get rid of you!”

As we climb aboard a pair a trams, Dennis continues: “Never use reverse, or you’ll jack knife the trailers behind you.” Dennis takes a seat in the tour guide position of one tram, and Cliff occupies the other. The rest of us sit like tourists, some taking notes.

“Before every tour, always check the studio map for closures and route changes,” Dennis says. “You can’t back out once you commit to a corner.”

“Just remember, there is no eraser on this pencil!” Cliff adds in a gruff, slow tone. “Know where you’re going before you turn any corner.” As the lessons continue, we’re all slowly enveloped by the clouds of cigarette smoke coming from both instructors.

“But if things do go wrong, grab that phone on the dash. It’s a “Hotline to Iris”, and he’ll relay your situation to the garage for Bill and Carly. They’ll be able to respond with an oversized four-wheel-drive truck with a front wall for a bumper. It’s like a tug boat.”

“They will either fix your problem or push you off to the side. The Glamour tram  show must go on!”

Other veteran drivers come by to meet the new class of hopefuls. I receive a lot of focus and attention, as does Ted, maybe because we’re already versed in studio lore, or maybe because we look like the ones who’ll be fun to hang out with after work.

I fit that bill it seems. Driver Homo usually gets assigned to one of the plush shuttle vans in the World Wide fleet. He’s very slick, a regular chick magnet, and he likes me. I suspect it’s because I have a fancy beach pad in Santa Monica and he sees that as potentially a good place to party. We talk about who’s hip and who isn’t as he shuttles employees around the lot.  Specifically, what tour guides will do favors for the studio connections drivers can provide.

We are not talking a foot in the door, we’re talking your whole ass!

Homo mentions the sometimes weekend-long parties that take place at the hotels on the property. It’s usually tour guides, operations staff, and a few tourists that can’t get enough of this place. And of course, there are the drivers who constantly pop in and out!

“We often rub shoulders with movie stars and rock stars” Homo explains. “I just drove Steve Perry, from the band Journey, and dropped him off at Telly’s bar.”

Telly’s is a great place to mingle after work, named after actor Telly Savalas (Kojak) who lives on the top floor of the hotel. I can’t wait to meet him!

Homo and I quickly become tight, and he introduces me  to theinsider drivers,” the ones who do more than drive around. These guys get down and dirty!

I’m game for anything, but for now I have to pass the Glamour tram training.

Training concludes when you prove you know the lot, can safely handle this vehicle with 125 passengers on board, and can safely enter and exit the theme park animations.

Let’s go for a test drive next…

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World Wide Job Interview…

I respond to this job ad (“Drivers wanted… will train...”) armed with my Class 1 driver’s license and my friendly smile and demeanor. There are a lot of applicants competing for just a few openings, but I’m convinced I’m the right one for the job.

I’m fit, trim, wholesome, handsome, and I am very well spoken. I’m applying to be a driver, not a tour guide. Only one other gentlemen seems like serious competition and we quickly become friends, hitting it off as we wait our turns outside H.R. and its selection process. Ted is my new pal and he tells me he’s already in show business as an actor, having recently appeared on Airwolf.

He was also a centerfold in Helen Gurley Brown’s Cosmopolitan magazine. Most of the other applicants are overweight, battle scarred, and semi-retired–no other centerfolds in this group, I’m sure of that. These guys are has-beens!

There are multiple openings as World Wide is increasing its staff for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season.

Sure enough, all goes well! I’m selected for training to operate this specialized vehicle otherwise known as a Glamour Tram.

Ted, my actor/ model friend is also selected and is assigned to the same training class with four other male applicants, all a bit older.

We all become friends immediately and hope to pass training and work together for a long time to come. All that’s required is that we master the biggest people mover in the world, and do so with a smile. The older selectees have much more open-road experience than myself as far as cross country driving is concerned. They are real truckers, whereas my Opie Taylor looks fit the part of an ice cream truck driver rather than a cross country hauler.

I received my commercial license driving heavy equipment for the Southern California Gas Company. I left that job for a break in show business. Few if any job offers for the movie industry appear in newspaper employment sections, but The Santa Monica Evening Outlook alerted me to this prize. Once training is completed successfully, I will then be able to become a full-fledged, Hollywood Teamster.

Of all the new hires, only Ted has worked on shows. The other gentlemen are bus drivers or hauled freight. Ted is well-versed and explains how this new job opens up a plethora of opportunities. The Glamour Tram is an entry level position, for sure, but it  potentially leads to a much richer and fulfilling future in show business.

Ted has an entertainment background. Myself, having grown up at MGM, and could write a book on all I have seen already, about a decade worth of studio stuff!

Teamsters Local # 399 is how Hollywood rolls….

Training commences…stay tuned…

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…page 2





Glamour Tram…

Once upon a time in Hollywood…1984-to be exact.

Hollywood is an amazing place. For a pittance, it can be yours to enjoy also. See iconic Worldwide Studios… behind the scenes and up close.


Explore the front and backlots with an experienced and professional staff. Pink and white Glamour Trams provide comfortable transportation around the studio acreage. These are operated by by highly-trained professionals who survive a rigorous training program. Hollywood Teamsters staff and operate the driven machinery.

Tour guides are barely represented by a much weaker union. They come and go like extras in a bad movie. Low pay, but with the promise you may be discovered by a high end director or talent agent, right here on the famous Worldwide lot with its famous Worldwide logo.

The logo appears as the opening to all Worldwide media. The logo, or globe, is fashioned inside a matrix of all the ways this studio can provide entertainment. It can ALL be yours, for a fee.

You never know when you will see someone famous, this separates us from competing theme parks such as Knots Berry Farm and Disneyland.

Other studios have tours also, but only this one has the Glamour Tram adventure. No two tours are the same…nor are any tour guides or drivers. Each pairing has it’s own subtlety, it’s a crapshoot if the combination and chemistry work in each pairing.

Many guides and drivers differ on how the tour should blend. If a driver does not mesh well with their guide, they often drive fast, complicating the tour guides’ job. Drivers dictate the flow and speed of the tour and it frustrates the unlucky guides who want to put on their own show for the tram guests.

Drivers are mostly males and require a class one license. Guides are mostly female with the gift of gab. That usually makes for fun tours. Often, drivers meet new guides upon boarding the tram at the loading area. The trams are fully loaded when a driver is dispatched to his vehicle. 


We all have at least one thing in common, we all are here to have fun…

Drivers make very good money, not as much as when we drive on shows, but more than most staffers combined. The Teamsters Local #399 controls all transportation on all studio lots, not just Worldwide. Tourism is seasonal and layoffs occur daily based off seniority.

Drivers who are released jump on shows, often on the same Worldwide lot. Worldwide is a small world. One day you can be driving tour guests around hungry for movie stars, the next you may be transporting these same stars in a plush van, limo, or motorhome.

The studio becomes a home… a wonderful playground for fun and games with access to a utopia of endeavors. To get this job as a driver, I simply responded to an add in the paper.

Drivers wanted…will train!


Page 1…Lived and written by Donnie Norden






Tour Guides… Operations


WINSTON… middle-aged adult with thick British accent. Takes himself very seriously. Not amused by children. Disengages when not the center of attention. Intellectual tours, often assigned to VIP tours for celebrities. Very boring, miscast for the average tram.

STEINBECK… normal heterosexual red blooded American young man. Unusual from this perticuliar department. Handsome, athletic, enjoys getting stoned before his tours. Usually, this takes place in the dog kennels adjacent to Glamour Tram loading area. Lots of stuff happens in this kennel, trust me. I just go in to pet the doggies, it often smell like a skunk has been inside here. John is the Captain of the Tour Guide softball team. I am the Captain of the Drivers team…My team has big burly men, his has many sleek, sexy women. Makes for good sports.

PAUL… looks like Paul of extraterrestrial fame from the movie of the same name. He has the same personality as E.T Paul also. Big head, thin build, glasses, really nice young man who injects humor into his tours. This is frowned upon by management. He gives quality sharp tours. I like when I see he is paired with me.

LANDIS… an in-law of a a director of the same name.The latter becomes involved in a law suit that rocked the studio.The Twilight Zone accident at Indian Dunes. He is just out of USC film school and is a part- timer here, why I’m not sure.

ROSS… a nice middle aged man, soft spoken and professional. Not sure why he does this dead end job.

LAURIE…Jewish princess, petite, sexy, especially on that microphone. Loves to wear hats. Often does VIP tours. A two year, seasoned veteran, of tour guiding. We go out now and then after work.

KATY… a maniac, the funnest guide ride of all. She part-times with the tour, after successfully becoming an assistant director in feature films.When she comes to do a complimentary occasional tour, she loves to rub it in to her friends. That would be burned out, disgruntled tour guides who barely make ends meet. She has beach blond look, raspy voice, will say anything depending on her crowd. Donnie wants to FUCK her and makes that clear. She knows where his head’s at when she climbs into the cockpit. She is his challenge, when she is on the lot.

BERLIN BUSTY… Dark hair, dark skin, well tanned from extra work. She beach eye candy scenes on the hit TV show Magnum P.I. She speaks fluent Deutsch. She doubles as a Berlin Porn Star, magazines that are circulating in the drivers’ break -room prove this. A picture is worth a thousand words. She shares special things with me as time goes on.

CANDY CAINE… Guide by day, stripper by night. Long hair, curvy, voluptuous. Has a tendency to wrap her legs around safety poles while on the microphone speaking to our guests. She must be reminded by shy nods, finger pointing, and this includes leg separation and undone blouse buttons.

ROACA… She does our Latin tours on Sundays. Very animated as she speaks loudly with a thick accent. Another healthy curvy tour guide, her guests laugh hard with lots of interaction but I get lost in translation… Lots of energy, and enthusiasim you can tell she only works one day a week….She reminds me of Charo, so I call her that.

DONNA… Dark hair, dark skin, brilliant white teeth with an infectious smile. She only does summer tours. She is in medical school the rest of the year. She and I hit it off very well. We discuss anatomy when our crowds are away. She is teaching me about G-spots. Things I never knew. I even learn on this tour. She offers to give me a physical in one of the empty star trailers we keep parked around the backlot. When I’m ready…maybe. I feel safe when touring with her.


MIKE – MELTDOWN… as he is affectionately known. He is hired to replace an exodus of employees seeking fame and fortune in Florida and its new cheesy studio tour/ theme park. He is in his early thirties, looks like a cop. His previous job experience has not prepared him for this Glamour ride….The inmates run this asylum!

FELIX the CAT… Worked his way up the ranks from entry level Gate Popper, loading and unloading of Glamour Trams. He is a tiny, diminutive, Cuban, with a little man complex. He is capable of having you fired, and hates the drivers.

JEWELS… Ex-tour guide, pretty blonde. Her job is to evaluate tour guides randomly. She lurks hidden on-board amongst the tourists. Often in disguise. If and when the guide being evaluated spots her, they freeze up and become rigid. She dates a driver…. MAZE.

WILD BILL… Garage mechanic who lives up to his name, he does things not by the book. In fact, I am not sure he can read. But he can drink and smoke and get a tram out of practically anything. I dig him!

CARLY… A fine mechanic, part of the tram emergency response unit. Trams backup as far as you can see if a breakdown occurs on a busy day. This drags production vehicles to a halt…He looks like he just stepped off the set of Smokey and the Bandit. A real trucker type, reminds me of Jerry Reed andsounds like him. Likes to sing country, to the guests while fixing flat tires …East bound and down, loaded up and truckin…after repairs I get on the microphone and say “give this man a hand, ladies and gentlemen”…he keeps this tour moving, my man Carly! …When your hot your hot when your not, your not.


Glamour Tram Cast

Glamour Tram character list…


Donnie… Through his eyes the story is told. Fit, trim and handsome. The Beach Boy. He uses the studio as a tool for backstage access and the perks that roll with it. This job is a perfect complement to his movie studio addiction and drug addiction that started back in the late 1960’s at MGM.

IRIS… Lead dispatcher. Frail, clammy, never-been-outside look. Son of a Jewish lawyer. He is in charge of this misfit cast of drivers. He can drastically affect your world. If he likes you, you will be rewarded. Opposite is true if he does not. The most hated man on the hill.

JOHNNY… A yes man for IRIS. Constant lame smile always on his face. These two split a quarter million dollars a year, rumor has it. They live in the dispatch office overlooking the Glamour Tram boarding area. Just like an air traffic control in a tower.

VIKTOR… The Russian mafia chain smoker. In between tram tours he chain smokes and mumbles about how he is going to kill Iris. Scraggly beard, hair unkept. Thick Russian accent.

HOMO… Very handsome Robert Redford double. A veteran I looked up to as I arrived into this profession. Why not…he has fucked generations of tour guides here at Worldwide studios.

DON Hollywood… Donnie’s double, often confused for one another. Nicknamed Hollywood Don.. Not to be confused with Beach Boy Donnie, the main character. He can double for Donnie in a hot flash.

TRICIA… sex slave, temptress, female Teamster. Fit, trim, pretty. Armed with a class 1 license and a college degree to boot. She shows up wearing boots often.

MAZE… muscular character who loves to play cards rather than tour. Some poker games are legendary. Loaded trams often must wait for the game to to conclude before the driver boards the power unit. This disturbs Iris tremendously. These trams only make money when they’re moving people around.

KYLE…Another gay male chain smoker that gets treated well by Iris. Heavy set, beat up from cocaine addiction. Walks with a limp. Constantly sucking up his nose as you speak to him. Like a bad habit One of the only drivers to like Iris. For his reward, he only drives brand new, plush, air conditioned, vehicles with all the bells and whistles. Lucky me….he likes me.

RON & RITA… A married couple that work and carpool and live together. Nice normal folks.

ROBERT… An Eric Estrada look-a-like. Proud Mexican. Big shoulders and an even bigger……smile.

CHUCK… Drives for the music theater. Writes his own ticket, exempt from rules. Wears tank tops and flip flops mostly. Is exempt from Iris and answers only to music theater. He drives for the music bands themselves, and runs their errands and needs list. He himself is looked at as a rock star, Chuck is the MAN!

CLIFF… Gruff, gray and old and heavy set. Lines all over his face. Drove on shows for years, smokes heavy, likes an 8 hour day, for him it’s perfect as he usually leaves about 1 pm. Which is when we start getting very busy.

DENNIS… Old hippie, long unkept hair, shop steward. That means he is a liaison between drivers and management in any type of “tiff”, negotiation, or regulation violation. He also trains new Glamour tram drivers. He is superb at handling all these aspects.

ROSCOE… Skinny, tall Jewish fellow who often falls asleep in the tour animations and tram stops. Guides often need to wake him. Mind you, these animations can be ridiculously loud.

LINK… Afro- american in his mid-thirties. Rough customer. Jail time we affectionally call him. He hates us, the tourists, and the guides. Says he drove a school bus in Compton. Scary dude.

J J… Also afro-american, he doubles as BJ Baracus in the A-Team stunt show inside the theme park. When not driving a Glamour Tram, you may see him speed by in the A Team black and red van. Always smiling, and easily breaks into a big laugh.

VINCENT… A 300 pound ball of blubber. Short butch hair, stinks of sweat, always. She is short and may be a lesbian but who cares.You do not want to follow her in the driver’s seat. Food is usually all over the dash.

TILDA… Chain smoking, short hair, lesbian who matches Viktor in pure Iris hatred.

TED… Class mate, male centerfold for COSMO. He has got it all. Including a great sense of humor. He is also a SAG actor and is in many shows in small roles. Looks like HUEY LEWIS.

DICK… Class mate, elderly man, almost completely deaf. Vietnam veteran and helicopter door-gunner. Dislikes Asian tours tremendously.

BIG JOHN… Class mate, a good sized tattooed Latin American who speaks perfect English, yet looks like a cholo low-rider.

PROFESSOR JOHN… He reads endlessly. Ignoring everyone as he shrugs his nose up. His wife has a Master’s Degree and he wishes to be an intellectual Teamster. He and I get along and often chat for what seems like hours about world events.

CAPPY… Slim Jim look, Italiano. Shrewd entrepreneur, runs a gay-bar on Hollywood blvd. Drives a Ferrari. His dad is a big -time Teamster coordinator. He can pick his shows if he wishes. But he likes tours for the easy hours and proximity to his gay club/bar.

Big John, Prof John, Cappy, and Donnie form a partnership that brings this mixed bag of nuts into a special working agreement. They take over the parking lot shuttle trams to maximize their free time and fly under the radar!

Tour Guides… coming soon