About Donnie

All Aboard… It’s gonna be a wild ride!


You may have already visited my other blog, Phantom of the Back Lots… Glamour Tram is a spin off story, which starts right as I begin my career in movies and TV. It is also based off real events.

Follow along with me on the everyday, behind the scenes world, at America’s biggest theme park/movie studio.

The story will be told through my eyes, as a Tram operator.

This blog will be best navigated by starting at the first post, which introduces you to the regular employees, complete with character breakdown, followed by our rigourous training program.

Finally, just sit back and enjoy the ride. I am a veteran of a million tours, involving some off the biggest stars and names in the entertainment business.

These include rock stars and athletes…

You too… may have been on my tram!

I look forward to hearing from you!


That was me, back then…