The Prop Plaza Experience

There’s a hill at the exit of the Perilous Bridge that looks a bit menacing due to it’s steep incline. It takes you to a mandatory guest stop, what we employees know as a “cash grab,” requiring all passengers to exit, hopefully spend money, and reboard.

Today, however, my passengers will remain seated. They can’t walk remember–they’re mannequins, along for the ride as we continue our Glamour Tram operator testing.

“Pulling the tram up the hill was simple this afternoon,” Dennis tells us. “But this can be the most difficult part of the tram route when the tram is fully loaded. You’ll often need a push from Wild Bill’s Tug Boat looking truck. It’s something we can’t practice but, ou will experience it!”

As we reach the summit, we follow a road that circles this facility. While doing so, you witness the excitement that awaits you, this is a must exit the tram destination.

We practice very intricate tram operational manuevers here, lots of people in very tight spaces, Dennis warns us. Today it’s empty so we can practice. It usually just open for summer days and Christmas time.

We all take turns practicing this circle jerk.

Next, we park and chat a bit more about this area. Dennis looks at me directly, “this is  a notorius pick-up spot for drivers.” He does not mean loading the trams, he mentions, “it’s here where the magic developed with him and his tour guide wife.”

We half-ass applaud, he continues…”You and your guide can be stuck in the circle back-up for quite some time so this is where you let it all hang out, just you and her!”

“Him’s too” if you wish for that dish. Dennis laughs hard at his joke. I take all this insight to heart.

The future will play out just that way… No truer words have ever been spoken!

“People will argue and make up excuses why they can’t get off… just say company policy.” he gives more valuable insight.

“Tourists get a sniffing of what to expect here with the long lines to reboard trams as we pass in front of  the reboarding area, it’s a controlled KAOS!”…Dennis paints a Night Gallery type picture descriptive of what to expect.

This cash grab area is presently vacant.





As we all sit together, I can’t help tripping on Dick…He has one big eye and one squinting eye. I reckon, the big one is his killing eye…The one that looked through the site on his 50 caliber machine gun. He has one good eye and he can barely hear…

IMG_7306 IMG_7303

IMG_7302   IMG_7304

I can’t help wonder how many folk he has killed,…an interesting hire.

Dennis takes time here to reinforce tram safety rules…


“By pulling cord, it will activate a bell on the Glamour Tram dashboard, such as you probably have mounted on your bicycle handle bars. Good luck hearing it with all the commotion that goes on”…


“It is easy to fall out of these trams on animations and turns.”





Iroinically, Dennis is smoking at this moment. If you like to take a drag, Prop Plaza is the place to do it.

Fires could easily take off is the reason why smoking is not allowed on the backlot. Otherwise, we would sell cigerettes to parents by the carton…

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 9.32.22 AM

Below…these smoking items are approved and safe to take on board the Glamour Trams


vintage fake cigerette boxes for kids - Google Search


“Even the best trained drivers can have accidents”…Dennis reminds us.


We wrap things up here at Prop Plaza. The best thing up here is the view.

Next we ascend down the backside of this hill top plaza and begin taking instructions on another iconic animation on the Glamour Tram route.

The Dirty Water Flood is next up in our training session, stay tuned!

Written and lived by Donnie Norden… page 8

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