The Shark Attack… Experience

Just up the road from the Ghost Train exhibit is a tiny seaside town, who’s only inhabitant is a Great White Shark.


A dock allows the Glamour Tram to ease right along side this quaint New England harbor set. A fishing boat is all that one can see as we line-up to practice negotiating this popular exhibit.

According to Dennis: “The plan here is to have each and every tram car be along side the shark that lunges up from the deep–one shark attack per trailer!”

Easier said than done. This will require careful timing and constant use of tram side mirrors as I pull forward on this dock that, I should point out, also tilts!

“The goal,” Dennis goes on, “is to have each trailer experience the same effect as the one that preceded it. Four shark ‘pop-ups’ for four tram cars.”


This will take some practice to get used to. Nothing in our conventional driving careers has prepared us for something like this, but it’ll look great on the resume!

Basically, I’m the driver of a lengthy getaway car, and we practice this exhibit daily over the course of our 5-day instruction. It’s the most popular ride here, although I’ll soon find out that it breaks down constantly. Apparently the old shark has grown moody. He’s only got so many attacks left in him!


This is often how the shark takes break…he is a “must see” star at Worldwide!


The Psycho House sits atop the hill overseeing the shark attack experience.

Once we conclude our Great White experience, we navigate the trams uphill toward the instantly recognizable Psycho house (pictured above) and its adjacent hotel.

Soon after, we head into Rock Hudson Circle where Dennis points out various houses of interest. Interestingly enough, this entire neighborhood was previously located in another part of World Wide’s lot, but was recently moved. Only in Hollywood!

As we complete Rock Hudson circle, Dennis jokes, “It’s named after him because it goes both ways!”

The remainder of the tram tour is fairly relaxing. Nice breezes and views await in the wildlife area that we pass through en route back to where we began this tour loop.

Before we touch base, however, we must first visit “The Spinning Tube” ride. Folks, let me tell ya, this one’s not easy for the drivers, but it’s worth the effort to become a Tube Master.

Stay Tubed till next time!

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…page 10


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