Glamour Tram…

Once upon a time in Hollywood…1984-to be exact.

Hollywood is an amazing place. For a pittance, it can be yours to enjoy also. See iconic Worldwide Studios… behind the scenes and up close.


Explore the front and backlots with an experienced and professional staff. Pink and white Glamour Trams provide comfortable transportation around the studio acreage. These are operated by by highly-trained professionals who survive a rigorous training program. Hollywood Teamsters staff and operate the driven machinery.

Tour guides are barely represented by a much weaker union. They come and go like extras in a bad movie. Low pay, but with the promise you may be discovered by a high end director or talent agent, right here on the famous Worldwide lot with its famous Worldwide logo.

The logo appears as the opening to all Worldwide media. The logo, or globe, is fashioned inside a matrix of all the ways this studio can provide entertainment. It can ALL be yours, for a fee.

You never know when you will see someone famous, this separates us from competing theme parks such as Knots Berry Farm and Disneyland.

Other studios have tours also, but only this one has the Glamour Tram adventure. No two tours are the same…nor are any tour guides or drivers. Each pairing has it’s own subtlety, it’s a crapshoot if the combination and chemistry work in each pairing.

Many guides and drivers differ on how the tour should blend. If a driver does not mesh well with their guide, they often drive fast, complicating the tour guides’ job. Drivers dictate the flow and speed of the tour and it frustrates the unlucky guides who want to put on their own show for the tram guests.

Drivers are mostly males and require a class one license. Guides are mostly female with the gift of gab. That usually makes for fun tours. Often, drivers meet new guides upon boarding the tram at the loading area. The trams are fully loaded when a driver is dispatched to his vehicle. 


We all have at least one thing in common, we all are here to have fun…

Drivers make very good money, not as much as when we drive on shows, but more than most staffers combined. The Teamsters Local #399 controls all transportation on all studio lots, not just Worldwide. Tourism is seasonal and layoffs occur daily based off seniority.

Drivers who are released jump on shows, often on the same Worldwide lot. Worldwide is a small world. One day you can be driving tour guests around hungry for movie stars, the next you may be transporting these same stars in a plush van, limo, or motorhome.

The studio becomes a home… a wonderful playground for fun and games with access to a utopia of endeavors. To get this job as a driver, I simply responded to an add in the paper.

Drivers wanted…will train!


Page 1…Lived and written by Donnie Norden






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