Tiz the Season

A Winter Wonderland has been fabricated all around the Glamour Tram tour rout…Fake snow, fake trees, fake smiles, and fake dreams are just part the delusions created at World Wide.


Our guests are greeted with magic, music, and imagination.The BEST minimum wage can buy!…

Just keep following the endless sea of orange parking cones and kids in strollers until you reach the the cloud of bus exhaust. You have arrived at the newly decorated entry.

Our iconic spinning globe will guide you like a hypnosis session. ATM machines endlessly pump out paper money below the Glory to God flashing sign. These machines are lit up like slot machines to make spending look fun.Whistling sounds and bells complete your transaction.

Your almost inside now and look at all the fun you have already experienced, it was worth that small loan on the house to make this trek. “I bet your thirsty?…due to the bus exhaust and long walk.”

Don’t fret, Cups as big as gas cans offer sugar indulgements to carry you to the next stop..  A- Mr. T  reflector action cup from the A Team hit TV show is popular. Don’t be a fool and pass this up…sucker!

Red Lights flash:Warning… Money required beyond this point! 

Your now cordially welcomed inside our home for X-mas…




Telly Savalas is (Kojack)…around here

On other fronts…

We had a Christmas get together last night at Telly’s Bar. A few guides, a couple drivers and some characters. Frankenstein and The Wolfman like to party…as does Santa Clause. Poor Santa hits the sauce hard, his name is Chris, like Kris Kringle.

But it’s the tour guides that stand out in this glitzy saloon. Many guides try to meet and rub elbows with dignitaries, musicians and TV and movie stars. They let there hair down and leave some buttons opened. After a long day of tramming, drivers- guides and some operations staff-cool off with cocktails.

I see Telly Savalas in a limo all the time when I do the shuttle service up here. I’ve yet to meet him.

My favorite movies are the Dirty Dozen and Kelly’s Heroes. This guy is to a tank what Fred Astaire is to a dance floor. Cigars, goggles, sweat and attitude-he is cut out for war. The back and forth between tank drivers Donald Sutherland and Telly Savalas is classic.


The strange thing is, he drives it, he is not being chauferred. It’s him and his distinguishable large head that I see parked in unusual places around this hotel.

Tour guides have mentioned that Telly has been know to invite select females to his Penthouse. Can’t blame him for that, I like him more already.

Dick is driving the hotel shuttle as I briefly try to chat. The man can’t hear from all the machine gunning he did in Viet Nam. I wish him “Good Luck” as he takes off with a group of Chineese hotel guests. Good thing he doesn’t have a 50 caliber machine gun on this shuttle right now…

Back inside Telly’s bar, it’s packed wall to wall with festive holiday travelers and burned out, worn out World Wide employees.

Driver Kyle lives close and has returned to the facility to frolick with whoever will listen to his attempts to be comedic personality. You will be rewarded for your patience with your name spelled out with white lines on a mirror. Kyle is like a care-giver or lot medic if you wish. Popular and apparently necessary best desrcibes-him!

Today, Iris and I breakdown last nights Laker game vs Michael Jordan and the Bulls. He loves sports and I am the (guy) for that scope of dialouge.

It seems that Iris is taking care of me. I seem to be most liked and favored driver graduate by the most disliked employee on this lot. I do not share the hate that encompasses the driver breakroom. Iris and I our becoming good sports pals, and the benefits that lay ahead  due to this new friendship are bountiful…I’m soon to find out!

For now, Iris smiles and points… Tram on the right, please-Mr Donnie 

Written and lived by Donnie Norden…




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